In this blog you will find articles about the University’s collections, its history and the work we do in the University Records and Archives team.

A photograph of a set of audio CDs awaiting digitisation. Behind the CDs is a computer, on the computer screen is an audio wave form.

Bridging the Digital Gap at Westminster

Jacob, our digital trainee, reflects on his year with the University Records and Archives team. This post looks at some of the work he has been doing to help preserve the digital heritage of the University. 

The Gordon Cullen Archive

The Archive of alumnus and urban designer/theorist Gordon Cullen was added to the University Archive in 2015.  Since then we have been working to make it more accessible. In this post we look at Cullen’s career and the work we have been doing on the Archive.

The Polytechnic Rambling Club

Founded in 1885, the Polytechnic Rambling Club was one of the Poly’s first clubs. The club is no longer part of the University but is still going strong.

VE Day 75

8 May 2020 marks 75 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe.  In this post we look at how the Regent Street Polytechnic reacted to the news.

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