Access Policy

This document provides the policy framework which governs access to the collections held by University Records and Archives. The current policy was adopted in October 2021.

Collections and Acquisition Policy

The University of Westminster Records and Archives Collection and Acquisition Policy was adopted by the University Research Committee on 7 October 2019. The document includes guidelines for staff who are offered, or considering acquiring, archive collections as part of their research. Please contact the University Archivist at the first opportunity about such collections.

Digital Preservation Policy

This policy outlines how University Records and Archives intends to manage, preserve and make accessible its digital records selected for long-term preservation in a manner that retains the records’ authenticity, integrity, usability and reliability. The current Digital Preservation Policy was adopted in November 2019.

Notice and Takedown Policy and Procedure

This document explains the policy and procedure if a data-privacy complaint is received about archive records containing personal data that have been published online. The current policy was adopted in October 2021.

Privacy Policy

This policy explains what to expect when University Records and Archives collects personal information. The current policy was adopted in October 2021.

RDSS Digital Preservation Pilot Report

This report documents the activities undertaken by the University of Westminster Records and Archives Service in fulfilment of a grant award by Jisc as part of the Research Data Shared Service (RDSS) Digital Preservation – Records and Archives Management Pilot Programme, 1 August 2017-31 July 2018. 

Records Management Policy

The University has a formally agreed Records Management Policy which is a commitment by the University to manage its records within an agreed framework. The current version was adopted by the University Executive Board in November 2019.

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